The Class Officer Collective

Celebrating Unique Class Year Experiences and Campus Traditions

About the Class Officer Collective

The Class Officer Collective is an organization dedicated to developing, maintaining, and celebrating a unique class identity within each respective class experience.

We aim to be the primary connection to each student’s unique experience at the University through: facilitating class specific programming, supporting campus traditions, enhancing school spirit & pride, and recognizing & celebrating our classmates.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by our office in the Student Organization Center in the Tinkham Veale University Center or email us at!

Today, as a voting member of the Student Presidents Roundtable (SPR), Officers voted into office by their campus peers continue to create a welcoming environment to all students at CWRU and strives to build community and campus pride through unique class experiences and annual campus traditions most notably Homecoming, Snowball and Hudson Relays.


The history of the Class Officers extends back prior to the federation of Case Institute of Technology (CIT) and Western Reserve University (WRU) before the universities joined to create Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). In fact, as recently as the late 1980s, there were eight officers for each class; four from  CIT and four from WRU! Under the advisement of Colleen Barker-Williamson, that number was eventually reduced to four officers for each class. Barker-Williamson was also responsible for creating the "Collective," having all of the officers meet together to discuss their class events and how they can best support the class experience.

The Class Officers played an intricate role in developing their teams for the Hudson Relays, CWRU's oldest school tradition. Other Case Western Reserve traditions that the Officers have played a key role in creating include: Snowball (created in 1999), Halloween at the Farm (know known as Halloween at Home, created in 2003), and the Junior-Senior Powder Puff football game (as part of Homecoming Week, created in 2004).

During this time period, the Class Officers were funded through and recognized by the Undergraduate Student Government. In 2005, discussions began among the members of the Collective regarding gaining status as an independent organization of USG as well as recognition by the Student Executive Council (SEC). A temporary increase in the financial allocation was approved for the 2005-2006 academic year and extended into the following academic year. Finally, in 2007, after discussion and approval by SEC, as well as the passing of an undergraduate student body referendum, the Class Officer Collective received full recognition and funding as an SEC organization.

In 2012, the Committee for Onward Cognition was formed to review the Class Officer's operations and focus. After reaching out to our peers, other campus organizations, and University Departments, a refreshed mission and vision of the organization emerged. Focus also shifted towards class programming, an area of campus programming only the Class Officers could fulfill. A restructuring of the organization occurred to support this shift in focus and the Executive Board along with the Marketing and Public Relations Officer position was inaugurated. Since the formation of the Committee for Onward Cognition, the Class Officers have increased their visibility on campus while serving the needs on a class basis.