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Hudson Relays

The oldest programmed tradition on campus, the Hudson Relays has certainly made its impression on the history of Case Western Reserve. Originating from 1910, this race was created to commemorate the campus move from Hudson, Ohio, to Cleveland, Ohio, after the federation of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University.

The Relays itself is a race amongst the classes that put each class’s best runners to the test in a 25 mile relay around the campus. As per tradition, if the same class wins all four years in a row, they are treated to a steak and champagne dinner, courtesy of the President and the Provost. The Class of 2011 was the last to receive this honor, and the Class of 2017 has won the past two years.


The Class Officers are extremely excited to be celebrating the 107th Hudson Relays.


Pep Rally: Friday April 28, 2017

Spaghetti Dinner: Friday April 28, 2017

Race Day: 10 AM Saturday April 29, 2017 

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