The Class Officer Collective

Celebrating Unique Class Year Experiences and Campus Traditions

Mission Statement

The Class Officers of Case Western Reserve University shall be dedicated to developing, maintaining, and celebrating a unique identity within each respective class experience.

The Class Officers aim...


We, the Class Officers of Case Western Reserve University, aim to be the primary connection to each student's unique experience at the University through: facilitating class specific programming, supporting campus traditions, enhancing school spirit and pride, and recognizing and celebrating our classmates.


When an officer is elected to the Class Officer Collective, they repeat the following oath.

I, _________, do solemnly swear, as an elected official of the Class of ____, that I will faithfully support the Constitution and By-Laws of the Class Officer Collective, and be an active member of the organization to promote the traditions and programs of the Collective. I will work to be a faithful representative of the students of my class and ensure the delivery of high quality programs by the Class of ____. I affirm that I will perform all duties of the Class Officer Collective, both those related to the organization and to my class, to the best of my abilities.